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Dr. David Diehl has been involved with people development for nearly 45 years. He has extensively studied and researched human behavior and learning, and has delivered inspiration, motivation, education, and meaningful insight to a variety of audiences. He makes every one-on-one coaching session relevant, and every event a memorable experience. He does this by placing a large emphasis on delivering active and engaging, actionable content.

Are you ready to make a change in your life and your work? Let us start with taking a look at how you are viewing your world.  Book a free consultation with David today.

My mission is to help people align their intentions with their values and principles. I believe that best thinking leads to best decision-making and actions;
and that best actions will result in achieving personal and professional aspirations.

Your journey towards a better way of thinking begins today.

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A Word From a Few of My Champions

Dr. Madeline Burillo-Hopkins,  President, Houston Community College - Southwesst

Working with Dr. Diehl at HCC has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences in my career. He is passionate about learning, and deeply understands that teacher professional development impacts every learner the instructor comes in contact. Dr. Diehl is passionate about quality and transformational learning and has a kind manner to lead and guide others. He is an active listener and is able to understand the motivation of an individual to help guide the pathway of learning and growth. I highly recommend Dr. Diehl as a consultant, coach and transformational leader. 

Debbie Forcier-Lynn,  CEO, Leadership Development Specialist

David is truly AMAZING! He is gifted with the heart of a coach that cares and truly wants to help people. His expertise and experience give him the ability to help organizations and people unlock what is blocking their success. Thank you, David for always being available to help teams move FORWARD to the success they WANT! 

Dr. Brenda Quintanilla, Regional Manager, Innovative Instructional Technology & Learning Services

Working for Dr. David Diehl was one of the best professional experiences of my career. He is the type of manager that inspires you to be a better employee. Dr. Diehl provides leadership that empowers employees to proactively take on any challenge. He encourages a growth mindset, advocates creativity, and supports the entrepreneurial spirit. He is very attentive to his direct reports and provides sound management advice through problem-solving strategies. I enjoyed the time I worked for Dr. Diehl and truly appreciate the opportunity and confidence he afforded me through his leadership.

Landon Girod, Personal Fitness/Life Coach

David has been a mentor, a great friend, and a true coach of coaches. I honestly can’t put a quantifiable measurement on how much Dr. David has impacted my life, and my ability to be a better coach. Before I got to know him, I had a low level of self-awareness. I had a difficult time staying on track being consumed with many thoughts and crazy ideas. I was jumping from one project, to another. David implemented a few attitude, thinking, and behavioral assessments to offer me an understanding about how my mind works. That really helped me gain insight into why I think and act in ways that I do. I’ve since started making a daily to-do list to further grow my fitness coaching; and, for the last six months consistently run my own blog.

What is most important to me about David is that he has taught me how to be a more effective coach by active listening and focusing on helping people expand their thinking so they can find the path to their own solutions. I learned most of this effective coaching by observing David in his natural habitat (that of coaching) while he was helping someone else realize all the great things they could do. By shadowing David, I have become a much better coach, and more than that a much much better person.

If you get the opportunity to be coached by David, get ready - you will not be the same person, you will be changed.

Jamil Aslam, Informatics Analyst

Few employees have the privilege to report to a manager who is also a coach and a mentor- but I did when I worked for Dr. David Diehl. ‘A standout leader’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Dr. Diehl. Dr. Diehl never put down my creative ideas and thirst for knowledge; he would help me construct my thoughts and harness them to produce excellent outcomes. The skills Dr. Diehl taught me during my employment at HCC will not only aid me in my professional journey, but also in my everyday life.

Dr. Wendy Maboudian, Professional Development Design Specialist

I have had the opportunity of working for Dr. Diehl for four years in the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, a center which he built to move Houston Community College towards being a learner-centered institution, supporting the strategic plan, and ultimately benefiting the students who take online courses. Dr. Diehl is dedicated to improving education. He has the talent, passion, persistence and credentials so needed to create and run a highly effective center for teaching and learning excellence. He is a person of great vision and creative solutions. As an executive of this center, Dr. Diehl has provided a unique strategy for instructional design that meets the needs of one of the largest learning institutions in the United States. While serving the faculty, Dr. Diehl assures that his own employees receive professional development to continuously improve their performance and their ability to support the institution with planning and effective use of resources. Dr Diehl is a truly a leader and I am fortunate to be on his staff to go the direction he has taken us for success in our field.


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